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Different cards also have differed values, and this is denoted by a color system. If the set number on the card is white, it is a common, green is an uncommon, blue a rare, purple an epic, and red a legendary. There is a range of cards used throughout game play, each with a different aion power level purpose. A simple deck consists of heroes, abilities, armors, weapons, quests, allies, cheap aion power leveling and loots. All of the cards mentioned above can be played as resources by simply placing them face down in a designated area. There are also limits on how many of each重庆二手电脑  type of card can be used during play, thus making the game require more strategic thinking. Users can start out by getting a Starter Deck and then purchasing additional Booster Packs to build the most advantageous combination that warcraft gold will challenge their opponents.

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