Atlanta United 2 vs. Charleston Battery Match Thread

Atlanta United 2 Ѻ˹ Fifth Third Bank Stadium ह๫³׹ҾظҾ Charleston Battery ǡ Hѹ 19; ѡ繤駷˹觷ͧ蹷駤༪ԭ˹ҡѹĴ١Ź觢ѹա˹ 19.30 .EST ШʵѺҧʴآ ESPN +




ѹظ 5 ͹ԧҤ |ʹ Fifth Third Bank, Kennesaw, Georgia |19.30 .(EST) ҹẵԹ


ATL UTD 2 (1-3-1, 4 ) ºѺ Charleston Battery (2-2-0, 6 ṹ)

| ѺҾҹš ESPN +


ATL UTD 2 ҡժªФáþĴ١ 2020 Ҫ The Miami FC 4-3 شTony Annan ⨡骪ǢЪ觡öǷѪŹ¡͡Ѻ㹢з Amadou Macky Diop ӻе˭Ժ駴¡ѹ David Mejia Ҫվ˹áͧMacky Diop Ѻҹʹͪçҹз USL Шѻ


˹觾ѹšͧ÷պǴѧҡ 2-0 Ѻ H Tampa Bay Rowdies ѹ 31 ͹áҤͧ§ʵѹ 19; ժªĴ١Ź龺ҹѺ ATL UTD 2 Zeiko Lewis Ѻաͧеʫʵѡҷÿ纤չյͧѴĴ١ŵçѺẵ


êԧժԧ㹡ҧѹظ˹ 19 繡þѹ駷ѴĴ١ŵçҧ ATL UTD 2 Charleston Batteryҷͧá÷§ʵѹҷª 1-0 ʶҹʹ Fifth Third Bank Stadium 㹪ǧ駢Ĵ١Ũҡ纡ժª 3-0 ѹ 24 áҤ Patriot19; s Point Soccer Complex

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