BASF ӵҴǨѺǺǡ Licity ǪҵѺẵ Li-ion

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Եѳ BASF19; s Licity Ѻִẵͧ͹Ѻ俵ط⹴ʶҹԡ͹ԫԷغẵ͹»ѡѡҡúͧô֧ҵâͧẵͧ鹵ִẵ͹ͧ Licity ѧԷҾ㹷ҾǴس«»Ԩҡẵ Li-ion зաͺҧ㹧ҹŴŧ ҹẵ ѡ

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ִִūԵ⤾չʶҺѹԨԷʵ෤觻չӸ÷ջҳ VOC ҡ仡ҹѧöѹ֡ CO 2 ͼԵѳ Licity ѺüԵԴµǷҧҪеçŪҾѡ١͹ҳкǹüԵͧ BASF19 ШѴ͡ѺѵִѺBASF 蹷з·ҧɰԨͧͧѺѺԴͺǴѧ

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